My friend .. A dedication to Gary Bauer

I met Gary in January of this year at the Hader Clinic in Queensland.

Gary treated everyone the same regardless of Age, race, sex, to Gary it mattered not.

We would sit opposite each other in class and Gary next to Travis the both of them together well I was always laughing , Gary’s smile would not only light up a room but it was infectious and he was one of very few people who could make me feel good about myself.

Gary suffered from Depression/mental illness…but he and I had one thing in common Gary’s fight to see his little girl took its toll on him as it has all of us , and I’m sorry but FUCK IT WHY ISNT OUR COURTS FIXING THIS BULLSHIT CAUSE NOW THIS IS WAY TOO CLOSE TO HOME.

To the Bauer Family the smile that lit up the room will now be the star that lights up the sky.. To Gary’s little girl your dad loved you to infinity and beyond.

Gary, God speed

Love You

Author: my3littleducksnevercameback

A mum destroyed, I can't find a happy place in my heart or mind it never gets easier.. 6 years on and the pain I just can't take anymore.

4 thoughts on “My friend .. A dedication to Gary Bauer”

    1. I am so grateful for seeing this last night and reading it because our Beautiful family friend Gary Bauer was part of our family since he was born and we loved and treasured him so much. We are devastated at the loss of Gary and believe him not seeing and having a relationship with his beloved daughter over the years had worn him down!! 😡😢💔


      1. I only knew Gary a short time but we shared the devastating but
        Common bond being alienated from our children it’s been 10 years for me I wouldn’t recognize my babies in the street now adults, I have promised myself and Gary that I will continue to help the fight against this family law disgrace.


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