My life destroyed by domestic mental abuse “The alienation of my children

When it happens your numb, confused, in a state of panic.  And for me I literally fell to pieces, like the song by Robbie Williams “COME UNDONE”

I didn’t know how to contact them, find them and with no court orders the law wasn’t on my side.

The phone call came from my daughter then aged 11. “Don’t pick us up from school tomorrow, we don’t want you Picking us up again we don’t want to see you anymore” The line went dead.  Mobile phone numbers were changed.  

I spiralled down a road of self destruction and can honestly say that I wanted to die.  My family were of no support, my dad had just passed away, more grief I had to deal with, my dad was my rock and we were very close needless to say I then completely broke down.  

I never suffered from mental illness I was always employed at the time I was a purchasing manager, now I suffer diagnosed Complex PTSD & Borderline Schizophrenia.  The Alienator inflicted this on me, and I’m told I cannot make him accountable, no recourse, I now live by myself and my cat, social anxiety also lives here sadly I have gone from a family with my 3 children to having a very lonely existence.  Now if he had of kicked the crap out of me, stabbed me or the likes the law would of protected me.  This epidemic is out of control and the courts, the legal system is failing us.  I want to know why I can’t make him be accountable for mentally ruining me?

Author: my3littleducksnevercameback

A mum destroyed, I can't find a happy place in my heart or mind it never gets easier.. 6 years on and the pain I just can't take anymore.

2 thoughts on “My life destroyed by domestic mental abuse “The alienation of my children”

  1. Holy moly!!!? Your story is so parallel to mine. My children were alienated immediately following my dad’s death as well… when he knew I’d be in shock and devastation and my guard would be down . Mine orchestrated my children to be afraid of me and encouraged them to exaggerate and flat out lie about me.
    If it hadn’t happened to me, I confess, id really have a hard time believing anything like this was even possible, much less as common as I’ve since learned it is!!
    I’m so sorry for your losses. I understand the ptsd it invokes and living with extreme anxiety and trust issues afterward…. the isolation we put ourselves in after such a traumatic travesty.
    I’m just so sorry ..although sorry could never be enough for this level of evil abuse .


    1. Hi Grace,

      My story is much worse I’m just not sure I should write about it. I won’t say I’m glad to receive this from someone also experiencing because I would be ok,to strand alone nobody should have to live with this. I try not to be on the downer and negative, but let’s face reality my life mis ruined, I will never find happiness with anyone, which is just so unfair.

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