I know it will eventually take me

It is Killing me, slowly no amount of counselling helps.  I can’t live another 30-40 years like this, I will never see happiness in my life..My ex husband left me has a happy life and this whole time he controlled me emotionally he knew I would and couldn’t live without my babies.. 


Author: my3littleducksnevercameback

A mum destroyed, I can't find a happy place in my heart or mind it never gets easier.. 6 years on and the pain I just can't take anymore.

6 thoughts on “I know it will eventually take me”

  1. I can’t say that I know how you feel, but I’m sorry for what your going through. Parental Alienation is especially common among people diagnosed in particular with narcissistic personality disorder. Don’t blame yourself, and hang in there, it will get better. ❤

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  2. I’ve said exactly this for the past year. When I’m finally free of this pain once and for all, I wish I could make people understand parental alienation and narcissistic abuse is what killed me, but I’m sure that will never be acknowledged.
    I’m just so sorry.. you have no idea how EXACTLY I’m going through EXACTLY this.


    1. This is why I’m all alone.. nobody understands, move on with your life they say, they will come back they say. But I know they won’t, I will sit and hope, day dream about it even. I would rather have cancer than this, because there isn’t anything that takes the pain away. I have trauma counseling it’s not working, I can talk about it till I’m blue in the face I walk out the door of the Counsellor nothing’s changed, there is no learned tools or mechanisms to cope with it.. Every night before I go to bed I pray I don’t wake up.

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      1. I do that very same thing.. every single night….
        I do know the endless pain and the impossible struggle. People say the same to me and I’ve just stopped even discussing it because I’d rather be beaten every day for the rest of my life than live with this loss for 5 more minutes.
        No one who’s not been through it could ever understand what this does to a person and how impossible it feels to “move on”.. they’re our children!! How could ANYONE “move on” from the injustice and that level of loss!?
        I know I surely don’t know how to “move on “. I just go through the motions every day like a shell of a person…
        I’m sorry for your pain and your loss . It’s truly unbearable .


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